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  StudioPak 3D is an interactive 3D packaging design application for Windows. A sample object library for your packaging domain is included so that your design team can improve their productivity from the moment the system is delivered. StudioPak exports many formats including:  
Realistic Images and Movies
Illustration-Style Line Drawings
Interactive 3D PDF Documents
Web-Compatible 3D Models
Available Now
  StudioPak Enterprise is a collaborative environment that maximizes the value of your design content by making it available to all internal stakeholders. The web-based model browser interface makes it easy to manage and share package designs.  
Coming in 2009
  StudioPak Customer extends Enterprise by making design data viewable by the client. This secure public portal enables package designers to improve communication with the customer.  
  StudioPak Overview
A 3D clipart system for quick prototyping of packaging layouts. Check out office.ezpak.net to download our clinical packaging starter kit.

A Flash video player designed to make your video or animation content easy to access and use. Available both for the desktop and web.

When your unique business requires a unique application, our experienced development team can create a perfect-fit solution for the desktop or the web.

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